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30th Reunion Photo

Mini Reunion Photos

2004 Summer Class Picnic   

2005 Summer Class Picnic       

2006 Sixtieth Class Reunion 

2007 Summer Class Picnic    

2008 Fall Potluck  

2009 Fall Potluck   

2010 Fall Luncheon

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Fiftieth Class Reunion

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Carlton Brown

Bob Mason

Clyde Congdon

Dudley Cooprider

Virgil Ford

Corwin Gustafson

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Lester Koetz

Roger Luther

Edyth Dailey McConnaughey

Lorraine Perington McDowell

Jack McDowell

Ramona Michael Cooprider

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jimm.jpg (3275 bytes)

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Ken Miller

Jim Murrie

Eileen Tollefsen Patterson

Esther Bishop Poulsen

Ken Schroeder

Bud Short

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Betty Haas Eib

Pearl Baurle Lind

Audrey P. Bourdeau Fiala

Herb Savage

Lois Bright Lother

Paula LaRose Hurn

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JBryant.jpg (5084 bytes)

Byrdine_Klawonn.jpg (4228 bytes)

Joyce_Thomas_Roster.jpg (4552 bytes)

BJacobs.jpg (6216 bytes)

JimCooprider.jpg (5267 bytes)

Vivian Hensley Edwards

Joan Bryant Roper

Byrdine Klawonn Storey

Joyce Thomas Christensen

Bernice Jacobs Hughes

Jim Cooprider

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BOlling.jpg (4079 bytes)

FBeebeAnderson.jpg (3339 bytes)

JDennisBergan.jpg (3807 bytes) KatoReinierBanks.jpg (3871 bytes)
Delbert Wollert

Beverly Olling McDougal

Florence Beebe Anderson

J. Dennis Burgan Kato Reinier Banks

    MikeKerpan.jpg (3414 bytes) bcongdon.jpg (4492 bytes)  
    Mike Kerpan Bert Congdon  

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