Class of 46

Ken and Anne Miller

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Both Jim and I went into the army following High School as did a lot of our class mates.  Following the Army Jim and I joined the Navy at Glenview so we could enjoy flying on weekends.  In 1950 after  my sophmore year at Wyoming U.,  both Jim and I were recalled and spent 2 years in Oahu, Hawaii.  

Jim's mom and dad went to Hawaii to visit Jim, Joan and their baby son, JM.  They invited Anne to come along to visit with me.  She stayed to become Mrs Miller.  Jim was my best man and Joan was Anne's matron of honor.   Jim's dad gave the bride away. 


Anne attended the University of Wyoming with me while I finished my last two years.  Becky, our oldest daughter, was my graduation present and was born in Laramie, Wyoming just before school was out in 1954.

Anne persevered and graduated from Carthage College after  15 years of hard work and after our family of 4 girls was complete.  Suzanne was still in diapers.

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Anne in cap and gown changing Suzanne's diaper.
While looking for a boat to sail around the world in, Anne and I flew to the East coast in our Cessna 140 "Tail Dragger."  One of our stops was Niagra Falls.  Pre Beard niagrafa.jpg (202144 bytes)

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In 1998 we drove to Utah to visit daughter Kathy and family then on to the  west coast.  Here we are at Hoover Dam.
1998.  Ken flying his glider over the sea at Torrey Pines a cliff near San Diego.  I think Virg is looking for his "Harem."

Had a great time visiting a lot of friends in the west including Jim's brother, Jerry, in San Diego and son, JM, in Washington.

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kawhale.jpg (109151 bytes) In Oregan we went whale watching and saw some  tail flukes.  1998

Anne loves to grow flowers and now that we have a house instead of a boat she can enjoy her hobby to the fullest.  Click on the "Thumbnail Photo" on the right to see an enlarged photo of a Jim Murrie built "Butter Fly House" in Anne's garden.

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