Zion Benton Township High School

Class of 1946

Clyde and Ruth Congdon

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I was born and raised at 2921 Elisha Avenue in Zion, just a half block north from Carl.   I went to the Zion Christian Catholic Church school, now Christ Community Church,   through fifth grade and then to Elmwood. After graduating from ZBTHS, I joined the army at 17 and then spent a year at Yokahama, Japan, where I saw Roger Luther, Si Hendricks, Norman St.Germain, Chuck McDowell and Maurice Ball.

After the army, Carl and I attended Lake Forest College for two years and then went down to the University of Illinois, where we graduated in ‘52. After my master’s degree there, I went on to Vanderbilt University in Nashville. I received my doctorate in clinical psychology there in ’58. I interned at a state hospital outside of Baltimore, MD and then took two post-doctoral fellowships, one at the University of Wisconsin Medical School in Madison and another at the University of Colorado Medical Center (Children’s Psychiatric Clinic) in Denver. At this point, I thought it was about time to go to work, so I jumped at a chance to start a private practice with 5 pediatricians in Pasadena, CA, where I remained for the next 25 years.

While at the University of Wisconsin, I met Ruth Buntrock. Six months later, we were married. Ruth is from Wausau, Wisconsin and went to school at the University of Wisconsin in the occupational therapy program. We have one adopted daughter, Alisa, who was born in l968. She and her husband are both school psychologists and live across the street and in the city of Sierra Madre. No grandchildren yet, but we are working on it-or rather we are working on them to work on it!

For the past twenty years, I affiliated with a large group of psychiatrists and psychologists in Covina and I started doing a lot of hospital work. I am on staff of a large psychiatric hospital here in Pasadena and I see patients there as needed for therapy or testing. I now spend just one afternoon a week at the office.

As for recreation, I play tennis 4 or 5 mornings a week. It’s very aerobic for me since I run a lot. We have a great group of about 40 people who play doubles every day of the week. Ruth played with me for many years, but had to quit because of a pinched nerve in her neck (when I tell everyone she’s a pain in the neck, it’s really true!). Our main recreation together is now the RV. We love the beach, so we spend time by the ocean in it. In some parks, we can back right up to the sand! Our activities of late have been more limited, since Ruth’s mother (age 94) broke her hip. We moved into her house here in Pasadena for 5 months while she recovered. She’s now walking with the aid of a walker, so we trade off every two weeks with her son.

The Lord has been good to both Ruth and I and we have tried to serve the Lord in our local church, Mount Olive Lutheran Church. We sing in the choir and serve on several committees. I am currently an elder. I look back on my youth in Zion with great appreciation. Despite a lot of hard times, I did come to know the Lord through great friendships with loyal and faithful followers.

Remember When?

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Good Buddies Then

Good Buddies Now

Silas Hendricks, Bill Benton (deceased), Clyde Congdon, Corwin Gustafson, Carlton Brown and Roger Luther

Carlton, Clyde, Corwin, Roger and Silas

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Ruth Hacker's 5th and 6th Grades- May 1939.  Can you find Clyde, Carl, Bud, Esther or Herb?  Were Harry Kirk, Eugene St. Germain and Gene Mifflin in this class.  Ken Miller was at Elmwood School from the 4th grade on.

Clyde's Rogues Gallery

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Bud Short

Lorraine Perrington

Esther Bishop

Carlton Brown

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