Class of 46

Mini Reunion Pix

GrntsFarm.jpg (21385 bytes) This mini reunion was held at Grant Sisson's Farm where Gus and Junella were camping in their motor home.  It took place in the late 1990's.   From left to right are, Ken and Anne Miller, Ramona and Doug Cooprider, Lorraine and Jack McDowell, Carlton and Betty Brown with Virgil Ford in between them, Mona and Roger Luther and grandson A.J. and Junella and Gus Gustafson.

This mini reunion took place a year later at the Zion Senior Center.  Front Row, Left to Right are:  Lorraine McDowell, Dorothy Miller, Roger Luther, Carlton Brown and Thelma Bennewate.

2nd Row are:   Esther Poulsen, Jack McDowell, Edythe McConnaughey, Bob Mason and Ken Miller.

3rd Row are:  Corwin Gustafson, Ralph Miller and Virgil Ford.

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