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Jim and Eileen Tollefsen Patterson

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I worked in an office for a year and then was able to go to Bible College.   There I met my husband and we married the year before we graduated.  We moved to northern Wisconsin and farmed for his Dad for 15 years.  Then God called us to Home Missionary work, starting and helping new churches get started and capable of calling their own pastor and supporting him.  We served in that capacity in Wisconsin and then for nine and a half years in Montana.

In 1993 we retired from full time ministry because of our health and have since served in various churches as a fill-in between pastors and to replace pastors on vacation.

We have 5 children, two daughters-in-law and one son-in-law, 9 grandchildren (one preceded us in death, he was only 6 and a half years old.)

Nearly 2 years ago our mission requested we get a computer so they could more quickly get prayer requests out and any other messages that needed to be sent.   God provided us with a computer through a friend of our mission and I have been learning the workings of one ever since.

We make maple syrup in the spring, have a huge garden in the summer, Jim hunts in the fall and does some logging in the winter.  Our middle son is a logger with a lot of equipment and trucks so he has a shop to work on his equipment.  We live near the shop where we share the outdoor furnace for our heat as well as heating the shop.  This gives Jim a variety of tasks to keep him busy.  I do volunteer tax returns through AARP during tax time. 

We celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary last summer.

Eileen Tollefsen Patterson

Below are some photos of our syrup operation.

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The syrup house and wood shed.


Jim "Milking a Maple Tree."

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The sap pails with covers.

Part of the tubing system and pump used to pull the sap up from the lower slope.

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One of the ways we get around in the woods to collect the sap.

The holding tanks for sap.

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Front of the evaporator where we fire.

Front of the evaporator.

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Back of the evaporator.

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