Class of 1946

Esther Bishop Poulsen

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Zion has been my home except for the first 3 years of my marriage to John Poulsen in 1950.  We lived in Waukegan township until 1953 and then bought a small home at 2115 Elim Ave.  We added on to it twice as we like the area and did not want to move.  The first time, out of necessity, as our family grew and the second time was to make a mother-in-law efficiency for Johnny's Mom after his Dad died, and she was with us for 7 years.  We have two children, Irene, married to John Casey and they live in Baltimore, and Tim and his wife Terri and they have two children, Nicole, 19 and Eric, 13, who live in Beach Park.  I went to work part-time as Secretary in 1963 for Zion Public Library shortly after they opened the Library by the lagoon in Shiloh Park.   The Library became a District Library and grew out of that location and moved to 2400 Gabriel Ave.  Johnny's health declined in 1982 and it was necessary  for him to go on Kidney Dialysis and he passed away in 1987.  He had worked at OMC and had hoped that he could continue working while on dialysis but that was not to be.   John passed away in October of 1987.  I had increased my work hours at the Library and was thankful for the job and co-workers as well as friends to fill my time.   This was now a new era in my life and my job was my livelihood.  I retired from Zion Benton Public Library District in May of 1993.  Don't know where those 7 years have gone except I've been fortunate to take some great vacations, spend time with family and friends and blessed with reasonably good health to continue taking care of my home and property.  God has been very good to me and I thank Him!

Esther Poulsen

Some of our lady classmates have been getting together for breakfast occasionally or often - they will have to let us know how often.  Esther gave the web master these photos of their April 2000 breakfast.

Zion Benton Township High School, Horizon Campus..   Dedication of Iwo Jima Memorial Maquette on May 8, 2000.  Arlene (Cliff ) Robbins

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Joan Albrecht Riske

Laverne (Pollock) Sattler on the left and Joyce (Thomas) Christensen on the right.

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Dot Welton Miller, sitting and Lois Bright Lother.
Arlene (Cliff) Robbins on the left, Kato (Reinier) Banks on the right and Evelyn (Johnston) Lampe standing.

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Vivian Hensley Edwards on the left and Arlene Cliff Robbins on the right.
Left to Right:  Lorraine Perrington McDowell, Thelma Bennewate and Ramona Michael Cooprider. eb5.jpg (155542 bytes)

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Left to Right:  Standing, Byrdine Klawonn Storey, Lorraine Perrington McDowell.  Sitting, Dot Welton Miller and Esther Bishop Poulsen.
Gathering at Rook's for breakfast on April 27, 2000.  Left to right: Ken and Dell Schroeder, Dorothy Miller, Bob Mason, Esther Poulsen, Eileen Tollefsen Patterson, Jim Patterson, Mona and Roger Luther, Anne and Ken Miller. cl46rook.jpg (153622 bytes)

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