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Corwin "Gus"   and Junella Gustafson

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Gus and Junella Gustafson aboard the Dolphin enroute to the Bahama Islands.  December 2, 1999.

Finley Corwin Gustafson, AKA Gus, Finley, Corny or Corwin and other favorites of Junella that I won't divulge.  As a child I was called Corwin, nicknamed Corny during school years.  Gus during my Army days and adult life.  Finley was my business and professional name when we went into the photography business.

This is the photographic studio we built and operated for 30 years in Winthrop Harbor prior to retiring in February of 1992.  Click on the small thumbnail photo to see an enlargement.  Click on "back" to return to this page. studio.jpg (46238 bytes)
Summer_House_small.jpg (4241 bytes) We purchased a motorhome and traveled the U.S. from Mexico to Alaska, working as volunteers with a R.V. Christian service group called   "SOWERS" (Servant's On Wheels, Ever, Ready.)  Work involved doing whatever was needed for these Christian organizations.
We are now doing minimal travel, spending winters in Mt. Dora, Florida and summers in Illinois, living at Grant Sisson's farm in our motor home. Winter_home_small.jpg (4431 bytes)

We are enjoying our four children and their mates and our 11 Grandchildren.

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