Peter and Rebecca Wright

peterand.jpg (35168 bytes) Left to Right: Nicole, Christopher, Becky, Lauren and Peter.

Peter works as a school psychologist and Becky as a school teacher.  They live in Zion about 4 blocks east of our home.  The above photo was taken in Hawaii.  They are now  on a one year sabbatical exploring  the USA, including Alaska, while living in a house trailer. Peter is working on his Doctor's Degree and will use the experience to study trailer home schooling of children.

jennifer.jpg (21278 bytes)

Peter's older daughters:  Leanne on the left and Jennifer on the right.
At 5 years of age "Princess" is the youngest of theWright family.  It looks like this was a bad hair day for her but maybe her parents can find a better picture for the next additon of the Wright family Web Page. PrincessCut.jpg (27394 bytes)

jenwed.jpg (17405 bytes)

In October of 1999 Jennifer married Todd Wethington of Louisville, Kentucky, where they now reside.  Here are Jennifer and Todd and from left to right:  Sister Leanne, Peter, Sisters Loren and Nicole,  brother Christopher and Becky.


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