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After working as an Engineer and Land Surveyor, Ken and  School teacher, Anne retired to our sailboat, Resolute and spent ten years sailing around the world while our four daughters helped our family grow. 

We left for the sea in 1986 and returned in 1996 to live again on land.

Since returning to land we have kept our wayward life style and done some traveling by car with a trip to Florida and the Caribbean in the Winter and  in the fall of 1998  to Utah, where Kathy and family live and to the west coast to visit family and friends and do some Remote Control Glider Slope soaring.



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This picture of us was taken in 1988 on Resolute in Vilamoura, Portugal where we spent the winter.  We explored the Mediterranean for about 3 years and got as far north as Odessa on the Black Sea.  We wintered in Portugal, Tunisia and Cyprus.  In Cyprus Anne broke her leg and spent a year back home while Ken single handed the boat back across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.
Ken with Barracuda caught near the island of Grenada in the Caribbean.  Ken lost the mast on Resolute in mid ocean about 875 miles East of Barbados.  He arrived safely in Barbados using a jury rig and fuel received from friends on another sailboat.  Anne rejoined Resolute in Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands where we installed a new mast on the boat.

After spending the next three years in the southern Caribbean in Venezuela, The ABC islands and Trinidad, Ken single handed Resolute through the Panama Canal 6,060 miles to Tahiti with stops in the Galapagos, Marquises and Tuamotus islands.

Anne joined Ken in Tahiti and together until 1996 we explored the South Pacific with visits to New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Oman and countries in the Red Sea. After completing our circumnavigation we sold Resolute in Israel.


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This, my favorite picture, was taken in Trinidad during Carnival.   Carnival lasts several weeks and features contests with musical pan groups playing instruments made of oil drums.  This type of instrument was invented in Trinidad. The events culminate with the parade.

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Upon moving ashore we bought this 100 year old house in Zion.  Our youngest daughter lives just across the alley and two other daughters live within a few blocks.  The house faces a park which is great for our Ham Radio hobby.  You can see the tower on the roof and our Ham Shack is in the upstairs bed room facing the front.  Ken's airplane model building shop is in the basement and Anne has her flower garden in the yard.

Anne's hobbies include growing flowers both inside and outside the house.  She also likes to quilt, which she did on the boat from time to time.

Ken is active in a Free Flight Model Airplane club, the Bong Eagles.   He also likes to Fly Radio Controlled Model Airplane Gliders.

We are both active in the North Shore Amateur Radio Club and the Waukegan Sail & Power Squadron, a boating organization.

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Ken launching his Radio Controlled Model Glider, Gentle Lady, in Utah.  The place is Francis Peak and the altitude is about 9,000 feet.  The Great Salt Lake can be seen 5,000 feet below. 

Daughter Kathy and family live in Salt Lake City.

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