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Educational Programs

Several Members of the Bong Eagles have put on educational programs at Milwaukee area schools.  At the invitation of the schools the club members help the students to build model airplanes during  short sessions that can cover several weeks.  At the end of the building time the students fly their planes.   In addition the members demonstrate the flying of their own planes which are usually more complicated.

Below are some photos taken during the teaching and flying sessions.

tonyandk.jpg (29183 bytes) Tony and school kids in modeling class.
Jacks Schnobrich helping a young lady with her Delta Dart.   JackS.DeltaDart.jpeg (26366 bytes)
2studetntsWith DeltaDarts.jpeg (21792 bytes) Two smiling young ladies with their Delta Darts ready to test their wings.

As if teaching the kids how to build planes and watching their faces light up with joy when they fly them,  the "frosting on the cake" comes a few days later when the thank you letters begin to arrive.  Following are just a few examples of the thank you notes we have received recently.


"Dear Bong Eagles,

Thank you for helping the fifth grade classes make our planes.   It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot.  I thought it was neat how they all flew so well. 



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"Dear Bong Eagles,

Thank you for coming to our class.  Your planes are very neat.  I had lots of fun flying our plane we made.  I thank you for all your help.  I would still be doing mine without your help.  I liked it a lot.  I hope you will keep coming to our school for more future kids.  I know they will have lots of fun.

Thank you from Michelle"


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"Thank you for coming and teaching us about airplanes.  I had a lot of fun. 



"Thank you for coming to G.E.S.  I really had fun making the model airplanes with us.  Thank you for fixing my plane 3 times.  I hope you come again.

Your friend,


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"Dear Bong Eagles,

Thanks so much for helping us design our model airplanes.   Also for helping us fly them and for showing us your airplanes.  I had so much fun!



P.S. Thanks again!"

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